Software List

The software in the list below is developed and maintained at LIACS or has significant contributions from LIACS.

Name Links LIACS contact(s) Short description RSE Support
Cortana → SubDisc Webpage, GitHub Arno Knobbe Cortana is a Data Mining tool for discovering local patterns in data. Collaborating
Sport Data Valley Website , Gitlab Arno Knobbe, Auke Damstra (manager) Collect data about training and sports
OpenML Website, Github Jan van Rijn OpenML is an online machine learning platform for sharing and organizing data, machine learning algorithms and experiments. Collaborating
IOHProfiler Website, Github Thomas Bäck, email IOHprofiler is a benchmarking platform for evaluating the performance of iterative optimization heuristics. Consulting
Sparkle Webpage, Bitbucket Koen van der Blom, Holger Hoos Sparkle is a problem-solving platform designed to enable the wide-spread and effective use of programming by optimisation (PbO) techniques. Collaborating
Hedy Website, Github Felienne Hermans Hedy is a gradual programming language aimed at teaching programming and teaching Python. Collaborating
Daedalus Website Todor Stefanov Daedalus provides a single environment for rapid system-level architectural exploration, high-level synthesis, programming and prototyping of multimedia MP-SoC architectures.
TDR-3Dbase Webpage Fons Verbeek With TDR-3dbase you can generate a 3D reconstruction from a series of aligned section images.
Incremental closeness centrality computation Webpage, Bitbucket (private) Frank Takes Incremental closeness centrality computation
Multilayer network motif counting Webpage, Bitbucket Frank Takes Code to be included in the Stanford Network Analysis Platform (SNAP) in order to be able to count multilayer temporal motifs.
CADA Webpage, | Github Frank Takes Code for detecting node anomalies in networks with NetworkX.
GPUGraphLayout Webpage, Github Frank Takes, Kristian Rietveld Code for large scale graph layout using the GPU
Multiplex network motif enumeration Webpage, Source (tar file) Frank Takes Detecting Motifs in Multiplex Corporate Networks
teexGraph Webpage, Github Frank Takes C++ library for large-scale network analysis and computation
Structural RNA homology search (SRHS) Website (frontend), Github Fons Verbeek SRHS is a multithreaded C application for searching viral RNA genomes based on the definition of Consensus Secondary Structure Descriptors.
MycoDiversity Database Website (frontend, backend) Fons Verbeek, Irene Martorelli The MycoDiversity DataBase (MDDB) is a dedicated database for facilitating retrieval of fungal metabarcoding data from public domains. Consulting
Arise BioDiversity project Naturalis Website Fons Verbeek, Irene Martorelli, Vincent Merckx The Arise BioDiversity project aims to develop an organized overview of all multicellular life in the Netherlands and the infrastructure to semi-automatically identify all these species. Considering
Automatic reading of old palm leaf manuscripts Erick Paulus Recognition system to automatically process handwritten old Indonesian (West Java) manuscripts on Contor, Daluwang and other carriers.
Dementia project Webpage Matthijs van Leeuwen, Daniela Gawehns Monitor daily activities of people with dementia and the relation of their health, quality of life and social cohesion in a local community. Collaborating
SchoolYard project Webpage Carolien Rieffe, Mitra Baratchi, Maedeh Nasri Monitor children at school yards with the purpose to improve their wellbeing with environment changes and interventions. Collaborating
Data observatory SAILS project Mitra Baratchi Repository with datasets, models, benchmarks and algorithms for spatio-temporal AI problems collected from sensor projects. Collaborating
RightField Website , Github Katy Wolstencroft, Rohola Hosseini RightField is an open-source tool for adding ontology term selection to Excel spreadsheets. Collaborating
DSSD Webpage Matthijs van Leeuwen C++ implementation of a variety of search methods and quality measures for subgroup discovery and exceptional model mining, including Diverse Subgroup Set Discovery.
Linking UCD Website Wessel Kraaij, Ariadne Schmidt Software architecture of linking city, university and diversity platform for city studies by historians supported by data science algorithms. Collaborating

The support that the Research Software Engineers (RSE) could offer can take multiple forms. For now, we indicate the support offered in one of those categories:

RSE Support Description
Collaborating We are collaborating in the development of the project.
Contributing We are contributing to the project.
Consulting We act as a resource to help choose technology, design software and overcome technical challenges.
Considering We are currently evaluating if and the form that could take our implication.
On hold We put our involvement on hold.